Jones County not in the clear from icy conditions

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - In Jones County it's anything but a winter wonderland, instead it's a motorist nightmare with numerous accidents taking place in the last 24 hours.

"Road conditions are terrible if anybody's been out," said Jones County Emergency Management Agency Director Marda Tullos. "They are just terrible. In dispatch we have had several, several calls of accidents."

On both county roads and highways cars are hitting icy patches and ending up in ditches or in wrecks, and the road conditions are not expected get better soon.

"The roads are still very dangerous," said Tullos. "They are not going to get better by tonight. They'll still be dangerous in the morning because like I said, the temps are not going to warm up to melt the ice."

"The temperatures are supposed to be back down to 29, that means everything that's melted today that hasn't evaporated and dried up is going to freeze again," said Jones County Fire Coordinator Dan McKenna. 

Jones County authorities recommend you stay off the roads Wednesday night, but if you do decide to drive and have a wreck, there is no guarantee that an emergency vehicle will get to you in a timely manner.

"Just like citizens, it's dangerous for emergency vehicles to be out," said Tullos.

"When we say, you know, you need to stay in your houses and enjoy your families and your kids, really please take advice," said McKenna.

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