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Driver says Charlotte salt truck responsible for damaging new vehicle


Charlotte DOT crews are warning drivers to stay away from salt trucks when you leave for work Wednesday morning. One Charlotte mom found out the hard way and is asking the city to pay up.

Hilary Stephens was excited about her brand new minivan she drove off the lot Tuesday afternoon until a fateful run-in with a city salt truck.

"I'm angry, I'm outraged," she said. "Brand new, got it delivered to me -- 20 miles -- and something comes off a city salt truck and hits my front bumper."   

Stephens was driving down I-277 when she said a piece of metal flew off the truck.

"Hit my bumper's not dents but it's scraped the paint," said Stephens. "It's messed up the grill. And it's not like something you can take back to the store. Once you buy a vehicle and sign on that line, it's yours!"

Most drivers know the dangers of driving behind a salt truck and the importance of not following too closely. So does Stephens who says her entire bumper will have to be replaced. She also points out she wasn't even in the same lane as the salt truck.

"You know, I was in the center lane a good bit back," she said. "It was in the far right lane. So when it came off and hit my car, you know, I had to slow down but I couldn't stop."

She says she immediately contacted the city, only to receive some frustrating news.

"I fill out my claim," she recalled. "I talk to the risk management department before you even look at my claim -- they say, 'I don't know if we can pay that out. I'm like, are you kidding me??' I'm livid! I'm held to one standard and you're telling me the city of Charlotte's not?"

WBTV reached out to the city -- but have not heard back yet.

Meantime, Stephens is reaching out to her insurance company, but she believes this is the city's responsibility.

"I'm just hoping that they make it right," she said.

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