Hattiesburg MDOT working to make winter roads safer

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Pine Belt is expected to feel this winter weather's wrath into Wednesday and law enforcement ask residents to avoid all roads if possible, but unfortunately not everyone could stay at home.

"This afternoon we got a call of an overturned 18-wheeler with another vehicle involved, possible injuries," said Hattiesburg Police Public Information Officer Lt. Jon Traxler. "We got here the truck driver was complaining of pain. So far it's been pretty good we've had a few vehicles off to the ditch, nothing major of course, nothing like this today. We're hoping it stays that way, we're asking people to stay off the roadways if you don't have to be out there please don't unless it's an absolute emergency."

For those who can't avoid the roads, the Mississippi Department of Transportation has been making the roads safer.

"Right now our crews are placing salt brine on bridges," said Assistant District Engineer for Maintenance Cape Jones. "We're sanding some bridges; we also have rock salt applications we're putting out trying to keep our bridges open and free of ice."

Since Monday morning MDOT's Hattiesburg District Six facility has applied more than 23,000 gallons of salt brine on roadways and bridges throughout nine counties in south Mississippi.

"Our crews are out there, we're working on the roadways, but with the weather that we're getting we do expect to have ice," said Jones. "Avoid the roadways at all, you know if it's all possible. We are definitely seeing icing conditions and dangerous and slippery bridges and roadways as well and we do expect those conditions to continue to worsen."

For more information on Mississippi road conditions you can dial 5-1-1. You can also visit www.mdottraffic.com for live traffic video throughout Mississippi.

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