Pinebelt area reporting icing accumulation on bridges and overpasses

This is a news release from MDOT

HATTIESBURG, MISS.— The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is continuing to respond to winter weather travel reports across the region.  Along with significant icing accumulation along bridges and overpasses in the Pinebelt area, roadways are beginning to freeze in many areas across the region, as well.

"Across South Mississippi we are getting reports that roadways have begun to freeze, along with bridges and overpasses," said District Six Engineer Kelly Castleberry. "While MDOT crews and law enforcement officers are continuing to work to keep roadways open, motorists are urged not to travel unless it is an emergency." Castleberry urges motorists to look out for a condition known as 'black ice' that can occur during winter weather with little or no warning.

Significant roadway and bridge icing reports are reported in Wayne, Clarke, Jasper, Jones Forrest, Perry, and Greene Counties; additional reports are coming in from Lamar County and now beginning to come in from counties further south.

Crews placed de-icing treatments on roadways throughout the southern portion of the state and have been dispatched to re-apply treatments to massive sections of roadway this morning. MDOT will continue to actively monitor roadways throughout the day and night.  Motorists are urged to watch out for personnel who are working along state roadways.