Beavers causing problems in Columbia

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Leave it to the beavers to be causing problems for the City of Columbia. A few families of beavers have set up shop in the city's storm water retention pond, which if not dealt with could cause some areas of the city to flood.

The beavers have decided to maintain residences in Columbia. Their choice is real estate is the city's storm water retention pond off of R.A. Johnson Drive.

Mayor Robert Bourne said he and Alderman at Large Edward Hough took an airboat tour of the pond and located 3 dams all together, with two where the retained water drains.

Bourne said Monday, "Two dams in that area and then we have one on the main creek that comes into the retention pond."

The city retention pond was built to alleviate flooding in several parts of the city, and with the in and out flow of the flood management device dammed, some areas could be affected following torrential rains.

Bourne said, "You catch the water and then you control the speed by which it outflows into the lower part of our city and prevents the flooding we've had before."

They're attempting to break up the beaver dams with heavy equipment, but so far have had trouble getting the equipment in place. "With backhoes or crawler cranes. You've got to go back there and knock them down or break them up. We've already removed part of the one that's on the outflow system," Bourne said.

Destroying the dammed areas would only be a temporary fix. It wouldn't be long before these dam construction experts put another in place. Bourne said, "We're talking with wildlife, game, and fish. We are trying to get some ideas of what we can do. You can't eradicate one of the world's greatest engineers. I mean he comes with that instinct."

It will be tough to trap all the beavers, however Columbia's water retention pond will be dammed if they don't.