How to prepare for dangerous weather

Snowfall and freezing temperatures could immobilize many places in the Pine Belt. As temperatures drop, folks packed into the Corner Market in Petal to stock up on emergency kits. Since the South does not usually get hit with this type of weather, Corner Market store director Chad Flowers offers tips on what you can do to prepare.

"A lot of things that we carry are not just food items. We carry non-perishable items like your candles, lighters, extension cords and things of that nature. A lot of those items are good items to keep in stock. Not only that. Your bottled waters, all your canned items, those are good items to keep in case of an emergency," said Flowers.

He says they've been unusually busy for a Monday afternoon.

As you prepare for upcoming weather conditions, space heaters are an ideal solution. According to, keep all space heaters at least three feet away from household combustibles. Use space heaters only as a supplementary source of heat.

"If you're using space heaters for warmth, keep them away from curtain, furniture, that wort of thing, they call for about a three-foot space safety area.," said Ryan Pigott, Investigator of Lamar County Sheriff's Department.

Kurt Brautigham of the Pearl River Valley Electric Power Association says they'll have a handle on outages.

"We've really got a lot of new technology on our lines that allows us to understand where the outages that allows us to understand where the outages are, uh, allows us to isolate those outages and minimize them and allow the restoration process as quick as possible," said Brautigham.

If you get caught in an emergency situation, dial *HP for assistance.