Forrest General wins lawsuit against Wesley Medical Center

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Representatives from Forrest General Hospital called a press conference Friday to claim victory regarding a lawsuit filed against the hospital two years ago.

The lawsuit filed by Wesley Medical Center alleged that Forrest General and AAA Ambulance Service denied local residents their choice of hospitals for trauma care. On Wednesday of last week a federal judge ruled in favor of Forrest General. Wesley's lawsuit claimed that Forrest General's business practices violated anti-trust laws and alluded to conspiracy to kidnap patients consistent with racketeering laws. The ruling in the case is that Forrest General is not liable.

Forrest General CEO Evan Dillard said Friday, "In short, every claim alleged by Wesley was resolved in favor of Forrest General Hospital. Therefore, Wesley is not entitled to recover damages, and Forrest General and AAA Ambulances will not be required to alter their business practices regarding the transportation and treatment of trauma patients."

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