PRCC makes top 150 community colleges in the country list

Pearl River Community College has been selected to the top 150 community colleges in the county for a third straight year.

The Aspen Institute for College Excellence has named Pearl River Community College to the top 150 community colleges in the country. Pearl River is eligible to compete for the 2015 Aspen Prize which carries $1 Million in funds. The prize is awarded every two years for highest achievement and performance in learning, degree completion, and post-grad employment.

Community Development Vice President Dr. Scott Alsobrooks said Thursday, "We take great pride in our students and what they're doing. Their achievement is number one on our list, and this is just another accolades pointing to the success of our students and what they are doing when they leave Pearl River Community College. It is a great honor to be bestowed and award like this and recognized in the top 150 three times in a row."

Now that Pearl River has been selected in the top 150, the college will submit an application to the Aspen Institute for review. The institute will then narrow the top 150 to the top 10 community colleges in the country.

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