Jones County man facing animal cruelty charges

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - A group of concerned citizens got together Friday to bring awareness to the need for a no tolerance mentality when it comes to animal cruelty. This following the second incident in the last two months of extreme cruelty to animals in Jones County

Last month a Jones County man was charged after someone witnessed him cutting up a kitten with garden clippers.  The latest incident occurred Jan., 21 on Old Bush Dairy Road in Laurel. Robbie McGowan was at work when she heard a commotion outside the building. She went to investigate and saw a man running down the road yelling and chasing a pick up truck. The driver of the truck had a dog on a leash running beside the it. McGowan said she started yelling for him to stop and ran after the truck.

"I heard a yelp and a thump and the dog went limp, but he didn't stop and kept dragging the dog" said McgGowan. "Only when somebody else pulled their vehicle in front of him did he stop."

McGowan says the driver got out, picked up the bleeding dog and tossed him into the back of the truck and drove off. She was able to get the license plate number and called police. Earlier this week with the help of the Southern Cross Animal Rescue McGowan filed animal cruelty charges against the driver.

"They witnessed something they knew was wrong but didn't know what to do about it," said Heather Chandler Williams, SCAR. "In both cases we urged them to call the police. You just can't let these things be swept under the rug like they have been for a long time or we'll never get anywhere."

It's not known if the dog survived the ordeal. The group got together at the site where the incident took place. McGowan placed a cross at the site to remember the cruel act the dog had been through.

An arrest warrant has been issue for the driver of the truck. The warrant will be served by the Jones County Sheriff's Department when they receive it from the Laurel Police Department.

Everyone involved praised both departments for the way they are handling the situation.

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