Father sounds off in Jones County capital murder case

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A Jones County man indicted in 2010 will face capital murder charges in the death of his then-girlfriend's two-year-old daughter.

Justin Blakeney appeared in court today for the second day of his motion hearing. The biological Father of the little girl spoke out in court today before the trial.

"The only thing I can ask for is justice for her sake and for all of our sake's and that's all I can ask for, " said Vincent Viner, the father of the murdered two-year-old.

The alleged Jones County child killer who hoped to gain membership to Aryan Nation Gang made his final motions hearing appearance Thursday, which will be the final step before trial begins in a few weeks.

"She didn't deserve it, she didn't deserve what happened to her and if I could take her place, I would've definitely taken her place so she could be here, " said Viner. "No kid should ever have to go through that."

A confidential informant told authorities that Blakeney said he placed a telephone book on top of the toddler's head and hit it as hard as he could with his fist.

Prosecutors said the mother of the child was Mexican, making the child in Aryan Nation Classification "half breed."

After Judge Billy Joe Landrum and defense attorney William LeBarr went back and forth about case laws and motions, the next step in the case will be trial.

"It's something you have to learn to live with because somebody who wanted to play GOd and take something that hey shouldn't have," said Viner.

VInder said he hoped to see the man who allegedly killed his little girl receive the death penalty.

"I think you should have to answer to the choices that you make and there should be some consequences and I want to see some consequences done," said Viner.

The trial begins February 3rd.

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