PRCC unveils state-of-the-art dormitory

POPLARVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Students began moving into Marion Hall in January. The two-story residence hall is constructed with an open-air courtyard. The $3.6 Million dorm has 8 two-person suites, and 11 four-person suites, which residents say is a far cry from some of the cramped conditions of other dorms. Marion Hall features wireless internet, a laundry room, and private restrooms and showers in each room.

Poplarville Campus Vice President Adam Breerwood said Thursday, "I think it has exceeded expectations. Like I said, the feed back from the students has been overwhelming. They're very happy and we're happy. I think we try to put students on the forefront of our mind when we do any project and it's great to see their satisfaction"

PRCC Freshman and Marion Hall resident Raygan Necaise said, "The rooms we have here can hold four people; there is two bathrooms in them, and as in my room three of my roommates all take the same classes. So, we're all able to study more. For example, last night we all studied for chemistry because we have a test tomorrow."

Marion Hall was built between the River Village Women's Dorm and the Technology center to replace the former Marion Hall which was damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

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