Marion County Schools add hundreds of cameras to school campuses

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - The Marion County School District is adding 225 cameras to the already 200 on their campuses to increase student and staff safety.

School Superintendent Craig Robbins said Tuesday; the upgrades to the camera system are part of their health and safety initiative. The school district received funds from the state Q-SCAB Program, which issues interest free bonds to be used for school safety endeavors. They were able to upgrade the current servers to accommodate the new cameras, which will be able to hold video spanning back 60 days. Robbins said a main goal of the new system is to deter bullying in schools.

Robbins said, "We're not adding additional cameras to be a watch dog or anything. Our ultimate commitment on this camera system is student and employee safety. Now, if an irate person comes in on the campuses and they don't follow procedures then we are going to have documentation to show exactly what they did."

Robbins said if they had installed the additional cameras in 2009, the cost would have been over 1-million dollars, however, technological advancements put the price tag at 350-thousands dollars today. These upgrades are expected to be completed by August.