Hattiesburg detective wants reprimand, suspension removed from record

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg detective Justin Frazier and his attorney went before the Civil Service Commission Tuesday to request a recent suspension and reprimand be removed from his personnel file.

Frazier was suspended without pay lat year for refusing an order from Police Chief Frazier Bolton to apologize to Mayor Johnny Dupree for sounding his siren at a vehicle on Hall Ave. that was blocking traffic. The driver of the vehicle was talking to Mayor Dupree at the time who was parked on the side of the road.

Frazier's attorney, David Frazier, told the commission that the police department had not responded to any of his requests for his client's personnel file or the record of the investigation. He also asked the commission to recuse themselves from the hearing and have the city council appoint a one time commission for this hearing because they are appointed by the mayor and he doesn't trust him or Chief Bolton.

Frazier says the suspension and the reprimand should be removed from his clients file because the order given by Bolton is not legitimate.

"It's a political piece of junk that he was ordered to do that," said Frazier. 'All Detective Frazier was doing was doing his job and for doing his job he was told to apologize to the mayor or be charged with insubordination."

The commission gave each of the attorney's ten days to produce a letter brief with their positions on the legal issues involved in the case. They also instructed the city attorney to cooperate with Frazier's attorney in getting the requested information from his clients personnel file and the investigation.

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