Petal police get two-new K-9's

For the first time in 12-tears the Petal Police Department has two-new k-9 dogs on the streets.

Four-year-old Dena and 17-month-old Boris will serve as multi-purpose dogs that are trained in searching for missing persons, narcotics detection, and criminal apprehension. They will also be going into the community and schools to educate young people on the dangers of narcotics.

Dena is a Dutch Shepard who is teamed with Office Steven Smith, an experienced four-year K-9 handler. Boris, a Belgian Malinous, is teamed with Office Lance Smith.

Most of the money needed to get the dogs was raised by Petal Police Officers through fund raisers.

Both the handlers and dogs had to complete a six-week-training program and go through 16-hours of weekly training.

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