Citizen leases Little Black Creek Water Park property

Following the closure of Little Black Creek Water Park resulting from a dispute between the Lamar County Board of Supervisors and the Pat Harrison Waterway, local businessman Paul Nettles negotiated with the county and state to lease the property.

Nettles said Wednesday, "We have a 50 year lease and so we consider ourselves the new proprietor of Little Black Creek Campground and Park."

Nettles said he has spent a lifetime camping and fishing in the park and wants to preserve it for future generations. "We're going to do a lot of clean up, a lot of repairs.  We're going to add some attractions.  We're going to have a real nice campground store for the campers and all. Renting kayaks, canoes, pontoon boats, flats boats, and restock the lake. Just doing a lot of improvements in the cabins."

The water park is open for business now, but the big plans and renovations will be an on-going process. "It's about a 3 year process, but we'll be well on our way. A lot of this stuff will be completed by the end of this summer."

Nettles says he plans to run Little Black Creek more efficiently and already has events, festivals, and possibly even a restaurant in store for the park. "It's just a beautiful place. We own businesses in the county in Lumberton and Purvis, so we wanted to see if we could reopen it for the public to enjoy."