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Slim chance for Upstate snow

We've been talking the possibility for Upstate snow showers this week, as cold air is still pushing in our direction.  However, the cold front that aims to impact our region Wednesday morning doesn't have a lot of moisture with it.  What this means is this:  Wednesday morning's commute could see some scattered snow showers along the Tennessee border.  Throughout the remainder of the day, a few flurries or light snow showers could pass into the Asheville area and points east, but this won't be a "big impact" system by any means.

By lunchtime, the cold front and what's left of the wet weather should make it into the Upstate, but anyone south of the I-85 line is likely to stay completely dry, with only a slim few rain/snow mix showers pushing into Greenville, Spartanburg, Cherokee and Union counties.  Think back to the November snow we saw the day before Thanksgiving...this snow visually should be even less than that Upstate.  As usual, along the TN border, there could be some light accumulation.  Earlier models showed close to 2-4" of accumulation, while newer data coming in shows less moisture.  I'll call for around 2" along the Tennessee border, with a dusting to 1/2" at best in the rest of the northern half of Western NC.  Upstate, we're looking at a brief round of flurries mixed in with a light rain shower north of I-85, but not much else.

Now - looking even farther ahead.  Late Wednesday and Thursday clear out to mostly sunny skies, but Friday brings yet another power-punch of cold air and some possible moisture.  Right now, the chance to see any real snow Upstate again is not a very good one.  The moisture with this system diminishes a bit with each model that comes in.  At this time, we look to end up with a similar situation to Wednesday, with some light TN border accumulation and a few snow showers in Western NC at best, staying dry in the Upstate.  That system is still in developmental stages though, so changes can happen and we're keeping a close eye on it.

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