Laurel's annual MLK parade remains on hold

Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee is backing his city's decision to deny a parade permit for this weekend's Martin Luther King parade. The city denied the parade permit Friday on grounds organizers did not submit an application within 30 days of the event.

MLK celebration's president Thaddeus Edmonson has been in charge of the parade for 26 years, and says he has never been denied a permit for not being turned in on time. Edmonson says Mayor Magee is putting a hold on the parade for political reasons, but Magee says the rules simply were not followed.

"Without a doubt, I did not support the mayor in his run for this position," Edmonson said.

"I supported another gentleman and there were indications early on that there would be some problems about the Dr. King parade."

Magee says this isn't politically motivated.

"The special events committee denied the application because it was not turned in on time. I then spoke to a representative on the parade committee on Friday and told the person that there is a possibility we could waive the thirty day notice, but that they would still have to pay the fees and he said they did not have the money to pay. It's just like me wanting somebody to pay taxes on my house when I'm the only one living there," said Magee.

Supporters say there will be a Martin Luther King parade this weekend somewhere in the Pine Belt.