Chancery Court District implements e-filing system

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Attorneys gathered Monday in Hattiesburg to learn about a new electronic filing system for court documents. The system is currently in use in several counties but the 10th Chancery Court District will be the first district to adopt it.

The e-filing system would increase efficiency by allowing attorneys and judges to access court documents at any time, from any location with an internet connection. It would also reduce attorney foot traffic and the cost of storing paper documents.

"We're looking forward today to visiting with the attorneys to explain the system, answer any questions they may have and hopefully have a smooth transition to this new system," said Randy Pierce, a member of the Mississippi Supreme Court. "If a lawyer has a document that needs to be filed and it's 4:30 and they need it to get to another office by 5:00, now they will be able to file it with the click of a button."

Marion County will be the first in the district to implement the e-filing system. Forrest County will follow.

"It's an opportunity for our district to lead the way in moving forward," said Dawn Beam, Chancery Judge of the 10th Chancery District. "We are determined to have the best court system that we can and this is going to help us."

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