Marion County celebrates rich history with rodeoing

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - With the 59th Annual Cattlemen's Association Rodeo in Columbia this weekend Marion County celebrates a rich history in rodeoing, even the world's first rodeo under electric lights in the 1930's

According to local historians, not only did Columbia host the first rodeo in the state of Mississippi, but was the first to have a permanent rodeo arena. These first rodeos in 1936 and 1937 were the work of two brother's named Earl and Weldon Bauscom. The two rodeo pioneers from Utah came to Columbia to do Mormon missionary work. Earl Bauscom met his wife in Columbia and settled in the area for many years.

Marion County Museum Curator Chris Watts said Friday, "Its very interesting that Columbia is the home of Mississippi rodeo. The first rodeo in the state of Mississippi was held here in 1936, and it was also the first rodeo in the world to be held under electric lights at night."

The all-star Marion County Cattlemen's Association Rodeo runs tonight and tomorrow night at the Columbia Expo Center.

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