Laurel police to help Ellisville fight illegal drug problem

The city of Laurel and Ellisville will soon join forces to fight the war on illegal drugs.

Tuesday night the Laurel City Council voted unanimously to assign three narcotics officers from the Laurel Police Department to work side by side with the Ellisville Police Department to help curb illegal drug activities in both cities.

Ellisville Mayor Tim Waldrup went to Laurel Mayor Johnny MaGee recently to ask for help in dealing with the growing illegal drug problem in the city.

"We are all in the battle against drugs together," said MaGee. "If we can help Ellisville then it will help Laurel also. The offenders go back and forth from Laurel to Ellisville and Ellisville to Laurel. We just feel it's a good thing for both cities to help them out."

The joint venture still needs approval from the State Attorney General's office. If  approved the two departments could start working together with-in 30 days.

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