Training School property vandalized in Marion County

Marion County authorities have arrested two juveniles for allegedly vandalizing the former training school property.

In the early afternoon Thursday deputies caught two juveniles tearing up the grounds with four-

wheelers inside of the property and most extensively in front of the old chapel. The windows, vents and AC units were covered with mud as far as 15 feet high.

According to Marion County Supervisor Terry Broome, the county has spent years getting the property deeded back, and in the last six months workers have been restoring the facility be used as an industrial park.

Broome said Friday, "We've had a lot of work take place, a lot of money spent out here trying to get this place back in operation. And to have someone deliberately come out and vandalize it for no reason whatsoever and do damage to county property. We're just going to stop it one way or another and press any charges and hold someone responsible, we're going to do it."

The juveniles are being charged with destruction of county property and other charges may be pending.