Court date set for man accused of killing kitten with hedge clippers

A court date has been set for the Jones County man who is accused of killing a kitten with hedge clippers because he was angry at it for getting into the vents in his home.

Tia Marie Puckett Brown from Laurel said she and her son were driving  past Warren Holifield's home on Service Rd. when they saw him in his front yard cutting up the kitten. Brown called the authorities and she said the deputy responded told her there was not much he could do except file a report. She said the deputy did talk to Holifield and said he did admit killing the kitten. The deputy advised her to file charges with Jones County Justice Court, which she did.

Holifield will appear in court Jan, 30, at 1 p.m. He has pleaded not guilty to a charge of aggravated animal cruelty. If convicted he faces a fine of up to $2500 and or six-months in jail-or both.

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