Protecting your pets from the cold

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - With the extreme cold expected in the next few days in the Pine Belt there are things to keep in mind to help keep your pets safe and warm.

Ginny Sims from the Southern Pines Animal Shelter says if possible bring all your pets indoors during the time of extreme cold. If that's not possible make sure they have adequate shelter like an igloo dog house lined with hay or a blanket to protect them from the cold ground. Depending on your dogs tolerance to the cold you may have to take them for shorter walks.

Sims says there is a common misconception it's alright for animals with longer hair or thicker coats to be out in the cold with no shelter.

"Even an animal that may be a little larger or may have longer fur will need shelter," said Sims. "It's not just the cold temperatures, it's the wind chill. When the wind blows they are going to feel it and even if they have extra layers of fur it will affect them."

The most important thing to remember is no dog or cat should be left out in the cold without shelter for an extended period of time.

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