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Richmond resident records gunfire outside home on New Year's


A Richmond man, tired of the celebratory gunfire in his neighborhood, decided to record it outside his Forest Hill home.

Even though the Richmond Police Department says the number of calls for celebratory gunfire has decreased by 20 percent, residents in Church Hill and the Southside say the bullets haven't stopped flying.

To prove that, just before midnight New Year's Eve Dave Munn says he set up audio equipment on his back porch. What he got was three minutes of gunfire.

Click here to listen to the recording:

"I'm shocked and amazed and appalled that this is going on in Richmond considering what happened less than a year ago," said Munn. "There's a dead 7-year-old because of this."

Munn is talking about Brendon Mackey, who was killed by a stray bullet while walking to watch the fireworks with his family this past July 4.  

Still, the problem persists. In Church Hill, residents also say their 2014 started with a hail of gunfire so they put out a call to action on social media and to the City of Richmond.

One Church Hill resident emailed the Mayor, Richmond police and NBC12 saying, "shots are fired every year, but this year was exceptionally disturbing, frightening and dangerous."

According to a police report in Church Hill, a stray bullet struck a car near Chimborazo Park on New Year's Eve.

Richmond Police say they are well aware of the issue and had almost every available officer patrolling the city New Year's Eve.

"It's not something that's easy to catch people doing but every year we aggressively go after it and this year I can say it's been reduced by 20 percent," said Lt. Dan Minton. Minton is in charge of Sector 111, which includes Church Hill. "We try to educate people that you don't know where that bullet is going that bullet doesn't discriminate."

Richmond police say gun owners must be responsible, but also folks should report celebratory gunfire as it happens so officers have real-time information they can act on.

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