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New NC law could help owners find missing pets

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New Year's Eve fireworks sent many dogs in a panic.  And now some people in Charlotte need help finding their missing pets.

A new law that just went into effect January 1, could help you find your dog if it goes missing.

Senate Bill 626 was signed in July by Governor McCrory and became state law 2013-377. It states, "an animal control officer shall make a reasonable effort to locate the owner of the animal. If the animal control officer has access at no cost or at a reasonable cost to a microchip scanning device, the animal control officer shall scan the animal and utilize any information that may be available through the microchip to locate the owner of the animal."
One of the Charlotte dogs who went missing New Years Eve was Tiki.  His posters were plastered all over the place.  And his owner said he's glad there's a new North Carolina law helping owners recover their pets.
Scott Lindsley lives in NODA. 

"I'm trying not to think about the worst," said Lindsley. Lindsley has three dogs and knows them well.

"I always listen to see if I hear his bark which I would absolutely recognize," said Lindsley.

Tiki is his middle dog who disappeared just after midnight New Year's Eve.

"I have to think anybody in this neighborhood would have seen a flyer by now," said Lindsley.

Lindsley said Wednesday morning is when they realized Tiki was missing.

"Stayed home for New Years, actually we were watching the First Night stuff on TV, dozed off but then woke up at 11:30. Came out here to the porch and did a toast at midnight. Went back in and I guess he didn't go in with us," said Lindsley.

And they did everything in their power to get him back.

"So we've just been putting up flyers, posting stuff all over social media all day," said Lindsley, "We were told to put his bed outside so if he does come running up he'll smell it and hang out."

Tiki owns a collar but it wasn't on.

"He wasn't wearing a collar or tags because we weren't expecting to be outside with the dogs last night. We were in," said Lindsley.

Tiki does have a microchip.  But until now there was no law requiring Animal Control to scan for one.

"I'm glad it took effect today.  Hopefully that will be a good benefit for us because right now it's pretty stressful," said Lindsley.

He was stressed and wanted to see Tiki run up or for someone to call him up.

And thankfully Lindsley didn't need that new animal control law.  Someone did find Tiki.  He lives in the neighborhood but the man was working all day and didn't see the flyers until nighttime.

Lindsley said they are very happy to have Tiki home.

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