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Hundreds evacuated from Heartbreak Hotel near Graceland

(WMC-TV) – Many visitors flock to Graceland for the holidays, but on Wednesday there was a major bomb scare that evacuated those in the Heartbreak Hotel.

During a busy time for tourism in Memphis, guests at the Heartbreak hotel were literally put out Wednesday morning while a bomb sniffing police dog searched every room.

Down at the end of lonely street on New Year's Day it wasn't Elvis who left the building, it was dozens of hotel guests.

Guest Jacklyn Haggerty said, "We didn't know what was going on, but eventually they told us that there was a bomb threat."

Memphis police and fire surrounded the Heartbreak Hotel after a bomb threat was called in around 9:30 New Year's Day morning and everyone had to evacuate.

"Just a general threat about a bomb no specifics about where," said Memphis Police Lt. Col. Mickey Williams.

The Haggerty family traveled from Bloomington Illinois to ring in the New Year at Graceland, but Colin Haggerty wasn't all shook up about it.

Still, it was not the way 9-year-old Colin imagined his holiday vacation.

"I never thought this would happen at a hotel," he said.

Graceland provided warm shuttle buses while the building was searched from top to bottom and for a time guests' imaginations ran wild.

Hotel guest Ean Haggerty said, "Whoever tried to bomb the hotel, probably didn't like Elvis."

In the end, it was all a hoax.

"We found no device, no indication of a device," said Lt. Col. Williams.

After two hours, everyone was allowed back into their rooms.

Tourists were inconvenienced, but have a unique Elvis story to share with folks back home.

Christi Haggerty said, "Nothing fun happens when we're visiting anywhere."

Anna Marie Hartman asked, "This is fun to you?"

She said it was.

"You know it's an exciting way to bring in the New Year. That's the way I'm looking at it," Jacklyn Haggerty laughed.

Police say it is the hotel's policy to evacuate and the evacuation was underway before first responders even got to the scene.

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