Remembering the Pine Belt: Coretta Price

My niece Coretta Price died on July 8,2013. She was only 31 years old. She had so much life in her and dreams to accomplish. She was so out going and loved to enjoy life. She lived in Jackson, Ms. She was a manager at a check cashing place. She had her own house and loved her two children, a daughter Lakiya Price-Barret and her son Jakiya Price. She would go every year to New Orleans to the Essence Festival to celebrate her birthday with her friends. Well, this year she was preparing to go but, she suffered an Anyerrizium to her brain  July 2, 2013. She was rushed to CCMS and later to St. Dominic in Jackson, Ms. They did surgery on her that Friday to relieve the pressure of her brain. She was in ICU and was on life support and the doctor told her mom, my sister, and her dad that she looked  to have a good recovery. She will be on a long road but, the prognosis looked good. We were so happy and glad to hear that. But, by that Sunday it was a different story. Her brain began to swell and she suffered a stroke during the surgery. The neurologist told us that they have not seen many cases like her's to go through the surgery fine and start suffering a stroke during it. They kept running tests to see if she had any brain wave and blood flowing to her brain. But, every test showed the swelling had taken over her brain. She was declared brain dead. We were so sad and upset. No words could express how we were feeling when all three neurologists called us in for a family meeting. We knew it wasn't good news. Coretta Latoya Price died on July 8, 2013 at 1PM. It was one of the saddest days of my life. But, what makes her death special is that her mom, my sister and her dad decided to let her life keep living in someone else. They donated her organs. Her liver, her kidney's and her sling. On December 3, 2013 my sister her mom was invited to come to St. Dominic for the annual "Christmas tree organ donor" ornament dedication. It was so special. The organ donor association told them in September that a man in Louisiana has received her kidney and a lady in Tennesse had received the other kidney. It will be a year before they can meet all the organ receivers. We are so proud that her life lives on in some one else. - Josephine Phillips