A look back at 2013 at Southern Pines Animal Shelter

New look for SPAS shelter
New look for SPAS shelter

Southern Pines Animal Shelter manager Ginny Sims says 2013 was an amazing year for the shelter

So far this year there have been more than 2200 cats and dogs, puppies and kittens that have found their forever homes.  Sim's says this is largely due to a change in attitude by many in the community to adopt instead of shop. For the first time ever the shelter had many empty kennels and the kitten and cat cottages were nearly empty.

"This year we had 26 empty runs on Christmas and that's just phenomenal," said Sims. "We still have animals here looking for a home, but it gives us hope that we can continue to find great homes for these animals in need."

Thanks to money earned from the Southern Pines Second Chance Thrift Shop and Furniture Store and donations of time and money from the community the shelter was able to get a major facelift this past year. They have new signage with their new logo, the outside of the shelter has a fresh new look, the grounds have been beautifully landscaped and the parking lot has been paved.

"We've grown a lot, we've been able to update some of the things at our facility to make it a more inviting place. A lot of time people think of the shelter as a sad place, but this year we really have been able to show that it's not. It's a happy place where animals get a second chance."

As in past years the shelter continues to be an invaluable part of the community. Not only do they take care of the animals at the shelter, but they also go out into the community whether it be to rescue an animal in distress or go into the neighborhoods during time of disaster like last February's tornado in Hattiesburg and help the animals affected by it.

"We were really proud to be able to come together and do such a great thing," said Katherine Sammons, SPAS Operation Manager. "We met so many wonderful people and even gained some new supporters in the affected area."

Two other areas that have made a major impact on cutting down overcrowding at the shelter are the Pet Mart Charities Rescue Waggin who took more than 500 dogs during the year to other parts of the country to be adopted and the Southern Pines Adoption Center at the Spay and Neuter Clinic on Hardy St. who accounted for 14-percent of shelter adoptions.

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