Remembering the Pine Belt: Braxton Luke Dickerson

We lost our sweet baby girl at 20 wks pregnant in January of 2013. By may we were pregnant again and so excited. In July we found out our sweet baby was a BOY! Braxton Luke Dickerson was on his way! We bought clothes, bedding, shoes, we were ready for our sweet boy! In August at a routine ultrasound we found Braxton had half a heart, small kidneys, and underdeveloped lungs! We immediately went to the Lord on behalf of our son. We took our story to Facebook and thousands began to pray for our son! Our prayer was that the Lord use Braxton to point people to Christ even if it meant we would lose his earthly body! God used him even before he ever drew a breath on this Earth! On November 7, 2013 we brought into this world the most precious baby boy and 58 minutes later he was resting in the arms of our Heavenly Father after leaving the arms of his Earthly Father. Braxton weighed in at 3 lbs 4 oz and was 14 1/2 inches long. There have been countless people sharing stories of how Braxton's story has changed their lives! He showed all the drs that God is bigger than they are with each milestone he passed! God performs miracles even in the tiniest babies! Bruiser and I are forever grateful for the prayers from people all over Mississippi and the world for Braxton Luke Dickerson, he truly was used by God! - Jodi Miles Dickerson