Remembering the Pine Belt:

"This year had so many challenges, it was unreal. But on October 17th my life was dramatically changed.

The day before, I had went to Slidell to visit my bro in law. He lived in Foxworth, MS with my sister and his ten year daughter. He was like a brother to me from the first day we met. He was a constant joker and could always make some one smile. But on this day he seemed a little more serious. He had been in the hospital in Slidell for some time, but the doctor was pretty positive he would be going home by Friday. The gallbladder surgery fixed he stomach pain and he was on the road to recovery. I stayed as long as I possible could just to visit with him and my sister.

The next morning I called just to get peace of mind and he was in the back ground goofing off (like normal). Everything looked great. But God had other plans. Shortly after I spoke with them he was gone. DVT and PE. I was beyond words when my sister called me within an hour of our conversation. I dropped my phone and just walked away, confused and hurt.

The next few days dragged on. He had a beautiful ceremony at Woodlawn Church in Columbia. It was really astonishing the help that was received. Even AAA and ACADIAN (he was an EMT) stepped up and did a remarkable job. At the end of the service, they made a last call to Jason Feaselman. He would not have asked for anything more. He was one if the greatest people I've ever met. I'm grateful for the few years i got to know him. But I do miss him terribly and u can't imagine what his wife, my sister, is going though.

I know I rambled a lot, but I hope that us enough info. It would be an honor to have him included in this. He was only 36 but he touched the lives if so many."- Bridget and Robert Prine