Remembering the Pine Belt: Alcus Jerry Grice

"This is my papaw, Alcus Jerry Grice. He passed away from Lou gherigs disease on April 28, 2013. He was diagnosed just 10 short months before his death. He was a healthy 70 year old man up until that point and it all hit him really fast. It took a month or so of going to several different dr.s before they diagnosed him. My nana and papaw were married 50 years and she cared for him at their home the entire he was sick. He passed away comfortably in their bed. She was so strong during the whole thing and she still is strong. My papaw was the back bone of our family and he was more of a dad to me. I learned so much from him. He has 5 kids, 11 grand kids, and 3 great grand kids. He left behind a great legacy for our family and we are proud to call him ours." - Haylee Benoit