Hattiesburg soldier's homecoming surprises daughter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - During this time of year, most people are worried about getting their last minute shopping done, but a soldier's present to his daughter was unlike any other.

Sergeant Javonte Hinton was deployed to Afghanistan three different times, and said he was ready to be home safe with his loved ones.

His daughter, Kallie Hinton, a sophomore at Oak Grove High School, was in line at the Turtle Creek Mall food court when she received the ultimate Christmas present from her Dad, who she hasn't seen in a year.

Her father surprised her in line with his return, and the entire food court erupted in applause from their reunion.

"I'm glad he is okay, and he came home safely," said Kallie Hinton.

Sgt. Hinton said the first thing he wanted to do after fighting overseas was to go home and spend quality time with his family.

"It was kinda rough this time, third deployment, it was kinda rough but I made it back and that's all that really matters, so I'm thankful to God that I'm back."

His mother, Maxine, said she felts blessed to have her son back home safely, and that his job is not an easy feat, but is glad to have him home.

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