Surveillance video released from Columbia drug store heist

This picture from the video depicts the burglary of Sav-On-Drugs pharmacy in Columbia last weeks.

Two men broke through the safety glass on the front door of the building and proceeded behind the counter where they stole several thousand dollars worth of Lora-tab and other medications containing hydro-codone.

Police Chief Clint McMurry says break-ins at pharmacies are increasing as thieves try and get their hands on these prescription pain medications.

McMurry said, "Our guys are spending a lot of time at night patrolling these drug stores. They watch a lot of stores, but spend more time on the drugs stores just because they're being hit more. We are pursuing some leads on this case. This business was broken into several months ago in a very similar manner. We are going to attempt to tie those two together and see what comes from that."

McMurry said if you have any confidential information to share in any of the recent drug stores to contact investigators at 601-736-8204.