A Christmas miracle for two Walthal County five week old puppies

WALTHALL COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Thanks to three real life angels two-five-week-old puppies received the precious gift of life for Christmas.

Michelle Lombas of McComb received a call on Thursday that two puppies were trapped in a well on a property on Jessie Stogner Road in Walthal County. Lombas did not hesitate, she put out a call for help on facebook for someone with expertise in dealing with this type of situation. McComb fireman Jared Brister saw the post and contacted Lombas to offer his help.

"I'm just grateful he was able to volunteer his services and his time to come out in the middle of the night and stay till 2:00 in the morning and give it everything he's got to get the animals out of the hole," said Lombas.

Thursday night Lombas, Brister, and Kiki Byrd from the St. Francis Animal Sanctuary in McComb set out on the 45-minute trip to Walthal County. By the time they had arrived the puppies had been trapped for more than 13-hours. The hole they has fallen into was only about 8-inches wide and they had fallen about 100-feet down and were wedged at the bottom. Brister says he tried several different things including animals snares, but with no success.

"Ended up having to resort to a treble hook, a fishing treble hook," said Brister. "I bent back the barbs to where they wouldn't stick in the puppies and we finally were able to get both of them out."

After three and a half hours they were able to pull the puppies to safety. They had multiple cuts and bruises, some requiring several stitches, but other than that they were in good shape. The people living on the property had tried to contact several agencies for help without success, that is until Lombas heard about the situation and didn't hesitate to step in.

"There are people out there that can do and will do when they need to try and save a life."

The puppies and five of their siblings were taken to St. Francis for medical treatment. They will be made available for adoption when they are old enough.

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