WDAM Viewpoint- Drunk Driving Teen

Last week a juvenile court judge in Texas sentenced 16 year old Ethan Couch to just 10 years probation for killing 4 people in a collision he caused while under the influence of alcohol.

Judge Jean Boyd did not release him back to his parents, stating that she would work to find him a long-term treatment facility.

The defense argued that Ethan was the product of wealthy parents who did not set limits for him.

My question is – who is truly being held accountable here? It is hard for me to accept that 4 people have died and Ethan will not serve any jail time.

If the argument works for the affluent, how does it work for those not well off? What if the circumstances were different and Ethan was not from a wealthy family, but from a poor family. What if he came from a single family household where his mother worked all the time? Would Ethan still get the same ruling?

If the court has transferred the blame to Ethan's environment and upbringing, than why not charge his parents?

This is today's Viewpoint.