Hattiesburg City Council debate over road budget

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg City Council's Agenda on Monday included adopting a resolution declaring necessity and intent of Hattiesburg to not exceed 3 million dollars to provide funds for improving streets across the city. However, the city council president doesn't think borrowing money for two road projects is a smart idea.

"Over the last eighteen months, two years, this project has been going on and been talked about. The moneys were set aside in the road and bridge fund to pay for these," said City Council President Kim Bradley. "It's plain to see that the City of Hattiesburg could use some new roads; however, it seems like city council has hit a bump in the road when it comes to budgeting for those roads."

According to Bradley, the streets can't be repaired just yet.

"The money was pledged or obligated to other projects. We were receiving bids or had received bids for the project but ya can't reward a bid unless ya have the money for it and we didn't," said Bradley. "We're going to sell three million dollars in bonds and we're gonna have to raised the mileage for the city which we have not done in eight years since I've been on it or nine years since I've been on the council. That's not how you pay for paving projects."

Bradley said the council plans on further discussing a more comprehensive plan for Hattiesburg road at tonight's council meeting.

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