Congressman Palazzo speaks to Petal Rotary Club

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Congressman Steven Palazzo was the guest speaker at Monday's Petal Rotary Club meeting, where he focused on the passage of the federal budget and the ongoing Obamacare implementations.

"We're definitely going to be talking about Obamacare and how disastrous that is and how it's having a negative impact on the families here in Mississippi," said Palazzo. "We've got to cut spending responsibly, and doing it on the backs of our men and women was just not the right way to do it."

Palazzo said he has heard from many concerned constituents on Obamacare, who say it is bad for their business and their families. The congressman said Mississippians deserve good health coverage, but the "disastrous rollout" to Obamacare is not the answer.

"Ninety percent of it is a good bill. I'd like to see some of the cuts to mandatory suspending in that, but the fact that we were able to avert two years of additional sequestration on our department of defense I think is extremely important. Because the world is not becoming safer. It's more dangerous,"said Palazzo.

Palazzo continued stating that Mississippi is striving for consistent stability.

"The main thing is just leave us alone. Quit tinkering with things. We want stability, and we ant the government to leave us alone, and I agree," said Palazzo. "the majority of the American people, especially after the disastrous rollout, realize they've been lied to, they do want some type of health care reform, but they don't want what they're getting

Congressman Palazzo also talked about the recent bipartisan agreement on a federal budget. While he said it is not perfect, it has protected spending cuts from happening for another year to vital departments such as the Department of Defense.

"They want us to come together and do what's best for America and the hardworking Americans. At the end of the day, more and more people are starting to agree with me that we have to control spending, but we've got to do it responsibly. Across the board cuts are disastrous to our economy, to our national security," said Palazzo. "Repeal it, replace it, demantle it, defund it."

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