C Spire to bring ultra-fast 1 Gbps internet service to Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - C Spire has initiated to bring ultra-fast broadband internet access to the City of Hattiesburg.

"It's a ground breaking initiative for the entire state of Mississippi," said C Spire spokesman, Dave Miller. "C Spire has decided to offer this technology to communities in Mississippi. What it is is a hundred times faster internet access, digital television services and home phone service to communities."

Out of 33 cities in Mississippi that applied for the 1 Gbps fiber optic internet, only 9 were selected, Hattiesburg being one of them.

"There's only a handful of communities around the country where this technology is available," said Miller. 

Now that the city has been selected to get ultra fast internet, it's up to the residents to pre-register. C Spire has divided the city into 13 neighborhoods also known as fiberhoods. Each area requires either 35 or 45 percent of the neighborhood to pre-register in order to be qualified to get fiber.

"This is the most critical phase of this initiative," said Miller. "We need to get enough residents in each of these fiberhoods to sign up in number sufficient in order to turn it green so we can begin construction."

Residents can sign up simply by going to cspire.com/Hattiesburg.

"There's a ten dollar fee to pre-register," said Miller. "It makes the internet experience just totally different it really makes the internet work at the way you live, work and play," said Miller. "The key thing is to sign up and get your neighbors to sign up."

Once a neighborhood meets its percentage, construction will begin for the fiber installation. C Spire will eventually see what fiberhood will be the first to meet its goal.

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