Hattiesburg Police Department hopes for low crime rates as 2013 comes to a close

As 2013 comes to a close, the Hattiesburg Police Department hopes the crime statistics will reflect a low crime rate for the year.

In 2012, crime was below average with five homicides, 15 rapes, 66 robberies, 27 aggravated assaults, 107 commercial burglaries, 248 residential burglaries, 540 auto burglaries, and 219 grand larcenies.

In 2011 the crime rates for Jackson were 52 homicides, 126 rapes, 808 robberies, 636 assaults, 4,722 burglaries, 6,632 thefts, and 1,457 auto thefts. Compared to the Jackson crime rates, Hattiesburg's statistics are considered average, or below average.

[It was] "about average [, that] was where it was last year, but we are not expecting a large increase in crime; we are probably gonna see a decrease," said Hattiesburg Police Department Public Information Officer Jon Traxler. "A little spike or a burglary or robbery or things like that come up, but for the most part we are still under average for a city our size."

Traxler said that although the public should not be alarmed by the crime statistics, they should be on their guard and help out the Hattiesburg Police when they suspect something.

"We just tell everyone not to be worried and not to be concerned, but to be mindful of the things out there and if you see something out of place please call us," said Traxler.

The 2013 crime statistics will be released mid January.

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