WDAM Viewpoint- Be safe this holiday season

The holiday season makes us feel so trusting and giving. But unfortunately, there are others who want to take advantage of our holiday cheer and trust.

Every year we report on car break ins and shopping mall purse snatchings. We follow up on police reports that someone's home was robbed and all the presents taken from under the Christmas tree.

These are stories we would rather not report.

This holiday season remember those stories and don't let yourself fall into predictable patterns that invite crime.

Never leave shopping bags visible in your car - lock them in the trunk. Even small bags sitting on the seat will invite thieves.

Never put presents under the tree if the tree is visible through a window in your home. Wait until closer to the time you will open the gifts, or when more people are home, to pile them under the tree.

Lock your home while out shopping and even better - put some lights on random timers so your home looks occupied - especially if you will be away for the holidays.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. But it's not the time to be too trusting about your personal safety and hard earned possessions. Be alert and be safe this season.

This is today's Viewpoint.