JCJC's Lindsay Miller, Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway finalists statement

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - This is an issued statement from Linsday Miller, a JCJC student who recently competed in the Dr. Pepper Scholarship competition.

"Being a part of the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway has been an incredible experience.  Since my father and I arrived in Atlanta last Thursday for the preliminary competition with the four finalists, Dr. Pepper has treated us like royalty.

It was an awesome opportunity to be one of the final two contestants in Saturday's competition for a $100,000 scholarship.  I wish I could have won it all but I'm very happy with the $20,000 I received from Dr. Pepper.

Of course I would not have made it to the Saturday competition without a lot of support from friends and family. I'd also like to thank the many community members for supporting me and my family in this endeavor throughout the whole process over the last couple of months.

In regards to what some people perceive as technical glitches everyone posted about on social media, Dr. Pepper didn't see any problems with the competition between Brooks and me and I'm OK with that.  I appreciate all the fan support. It's been very flattering. Participating in the whole Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway has been a wonderful experience, even though it did make it hard to study for final exams this week.  Brooks is a great guy and I am very happy for him.

My plans to become a speech pathologist have not changed.  I am reviewing my options concerning colleges, with my first choice of colleges to transfer to, being the University of Alabama.  Time and good grades will hopefully afford additional scholarship opportunities."