Hattiesburg High students take medical field path and receive white coats

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Several eighth and ninth graders from Hattiesburg High School have received their white coats and are on the path to the medical field.

It's all part of a pilot program known as M.A.P., Medical Apprenticeship Program. The program is part of Human Dignity International and gives the students an opportunity to identify with careers in the medical profession and get an idea on whether it's something they want to pursue as a career.

"This is like a three day intensive camp, so the idea is to kind of give them a prep of what they would actually do if they once became a physician," said Co-Founder of Human Dignity International, Phallon Treece.

On Friday the students received their white coats and on Saturday they continued their experience by using real medical instruments to practice patient examination, learn about the human body and even touch an actual heart.

"Hattiesburg has been actually the first community within the country that we've actually pilot this type of curriculum at," said Co-Founder of Human Dignity International, Dwayne Treece. "We've run the camps before but when it came down to pulling the large resources, whether it's the hospital or the school board and whomever the actual community local doctors and the local businesses, Hattiesburg has been unique in that its actually embraced this program so very well, so we want to thank the community."

After Sunday, the students will continue taking part in the program and their path to a medical profession in February.

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