US Senator Thad Cochran runs for re-election, opponent Chris McDaniel reacts

United States Senator Thad Cochran announced Friday that he is seeking a seventh term.

Cochran will face running mate Chris McDaniel, who has accumulated a large body of support from well-financed Conservative groups.

"It's time for new blood, new strength, a conservative vision for this country," said Chris McDaniel, Cochran's opponent in the election. "At the end of the day, the only endorsement I want is the endorsement of the people of the state of Mississippi."

McDaniel said he has an edge over his opponent because he has been more present in the state than Cochran.

"Here's the thing; He's never in the state, with all due respect. I've been a state senator for six years, and I've only laid eyes on him one time. And that was in Washington, DC," said McDaniel.

State auditor Stacey PIckering would have ran against McDaniel had Cochran not run for a seventh term, but has now focused his support on Cochran.

"I appreciate Senator Cochran's leadership, the value and the due efforts and respect has built the Republican Party that we have the opportunity to serve today," said Pickering.

According to Politico, Cochran faced pressure from state and national Republicans to stay another term. Should the GOP should take back the Senate next Fall, Cochran could regain his position.