Poplarville, PRCC drug bust leads to several arrests

A multi-agency drug sweep code named Operation Wake-Up Call, rounds up 10 alleged drug dealers from both Poplarville and the Pearl River Community College campus.
The Poplarville Police Department in cooperation with Pearl River Community College Police and the Picayune Police Department executed an early morning drug roundup in Poplarville Wednesday.
Poplarville Police Chief Charlie Fazende said Thursday, "We haven't done a drug roundup here like this in the City of Poplarville since I think when the task force was operating here and that's been many years ago."
PRCC Police Chief Doug Rowell said, "We're not naive to the fact that there is drugs on campus and we have a zero tolerance for drug behavior and we're going to do everything we can to eradicate that problem."
Operation Wake Up Call, incorporated over six months of investigation and under-cover drug buys consisting mostly of marijuana, and with the help of the multi-agency force served several drug warrants. Fazende said, "We had 10 warrants to serve. We figured five of those were going to be served on the campus."
Two entry teams hit two dormitories on the PRCC campus and a total of four were arrested on campus with one other being arrested off campus.
The arrests associated with the community college are as follows: 54-year-old Ricky Thomas a PRCC employee, 41-year-old Quinton Colson, head resident of a dorm, 20-year-old Jayson Woodfill, a student, and 19-year-old Randerius Everette, also a student. The other six alleged drug dealers were arrested off campus. Rowell said, "The drug dealers realize that we're not going to tolerate it and they'll elect to go somewhere else other than Pearl River Community College."
Police said they hope that Operation Wake Up Call, served as just that to Poplarville as a whole. "Drug activity will not be tolerated in Poplarville and especially on the college campus." said Fazende. "We're really, really proud of what we accomplished."
All that were arrested made their initial court appearances this afternoon. Pearl River Community College issued a statement which read as followed: "The college is committed to providing a safe environment conducive to learning and applaud the work involved. Both the employees and students have been suspended pending the investigation."