PETA claims Hattiesburg Zoo can’t properly care for its animals

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - On Tuesday, PETA filed formal comments with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service opposing the Hattiesburg Zoo's application for a permit to breed endangered animals.

"The Hattiesburg Zoo cannot be allowed to breed more animals when its own records indicate that it can't properly care for the animals it already holds captive," said PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement Delcianna Winders.

In response to PETA's recent comments, Executive Director of the Hattiesburg Convention Commission Rick Taylor said, "As is common with most PETA commentary about zoos, the statement is inaccurate, unfounded and frankly untrue."

Taylor said the only breeding program the Hattiesburg Zoo has is the African Duiker, which according to him is not an endangered species. He said the zoo is not seeking to breed any other animals at all and does not know why PETA would make such comment.

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