Marion County church presents a walking tour of Jesus' life called Scenes of Christ

Improve Baptist Church outside of Columbia is celebrating over twenty years of its annual event the Scenes of Christ

Richard Culliver with Improve Baptist Church said Friday, the Scenes of Christ is a walking tour of various settings reenacting the life of Christ from genesis to resurrection. Each scene depicts live actors in period clothing with candles to light the way from scene to scene and is an event for all ages.

The Scenes of Christ at Improve Baptist Church has been going on over 20 years with 18 events in total. The purpose of the scenes is to show the life of Christ and help people know Him.

Culliver said, "Our ultimate goal is that people will see Jesus Christ and somehow the Holy Spirit will get there an convict them and let them know that they need to have a personal relationship with Him. We will have councilors here if they make that decision. We can help them with that decision or answer any questions they may have."

Admission for the Scenes of Christ is free for all ages. There will be a preview this Sunday evening from 6-8pm and then the event will resume on December 7 and 8 from 6-8pm.