House fire claims family home on Thanksgiving morning


A family in the Sunrise Community outside of Petal is left picking up the pieces after a Thanksgiving morning house fire claimed their home.
Sunrise Assistant Fire Chief Thomas Josiah Byrd said, "I'm sure when they went to bed last night they planned on having a regular thanksgiving just like everybody else."
The family living at the home off of Country Park Drive in Sunrise is made up of an expecting mother, father and two young boys, who were all living with the mother's father at his home.
A smoker on the back porch seems to be the culprit of the blaze. While the mom, dad and sons made it out of the burning home without injuries, the grandfather was stuck inside for sometime before breaking out through a back door.
Street was transported to Forrest General Hospital where he was transferred to the burn unit in Jackson and is expected to recover.  The family said they are thankful to be alive and for the neighbors who rushed to their aid.
Byrd said, "Within an hour and a half of the fire I went to get some information for the report and they were already bringing in donations. People were going through their drawers finding thinks the two kids could wear because all they had is what was on their backs. They didn't have anything else."
The mother, who is due with a girl in April, is a size small or 3-5 pant and size 8 shoe. The father and grandfather are both a size 34/32, large shirt and size 11 shoe. The seven-year-old boy is a 7T shirt and pant and size 2 shoe. The four-year-old boy is size 4T shirt and pant and size 12 shoe.
Anyone wishing to donate items to the family can reach the local Red Cross at 601-582-8151 or may drop off items with the father's sister, Loretta Bailey at Central Finance on Hardy Street in Hattiesburg.
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