Pine Belt residents seek fitness before Thanksgiving dinner

Time is of the essence during those off hours around the holiday season. While some take advantage of relaxation time, others find a happy medium between family time, and healthy time. A typical Thanksgiving dinner has more than 4,000 calories. Some folks hit the gym before turkey time.

Carey Varnado was doing his daily cardio and weight lifting at Downtown Hattiesburg's "Body Bar at the America" today before he ate his Thanksgiving feast. He says practicing a healthy lifestyle gives him balance and a healthy well-being.

"Well, I work out almost every day but I always work out a lot right before a holiday meal because I don't feel so bad about eating a lot, so I'm in here today doing more than I usually do," Varnado said.

"Think about how many calories you're going to eat between now and January 1, and think that if you don't want to gain weight, you've got to burn those calories off, so step up your exercise and you'll do it," he added.

A Thanksgiving meal can take 8 to 12 hours to digest, depending on the quantity and fat content. Eating too much can lead to indigestion. According to The New York Times, Thanksgiving meals can raise your chances for heart attack and gallbladder problems.