Where Are They Now? Gary Grubbs

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - For 33 years, Hattiesburg resident Gary Grubbs has had a successful acting career.

"When I decided to be an actor I was a bulldozer salesman in Mississippi and i had a college roommate who i played football with that gone to L.A. and kind of got started," said Grubbs. "I went and visited him and I went to one acting class and one movie set and i thought, 'I can do this'."

What is Grubbs up to now?

"I'm all over the place, it's what I do in my business," said Grubbs. "Tonight I'm on the Gulf Coast teaching an acting class, tomorrow night I'll be in Mobile teaching an acting class, Monday I'll be in New Orleans for an audition. I just got back from Los Angeles, so I'm all over the country trying to get work and do work and remain vital in this business."

Throughout his career Grubbs has played in several different movies, television shows and plays. Three in which he recently played a part in are soon to come to a theater.

"I did a movie called Left Behind, it's part of the Left Behind christian book series, I just did one called Convergence and I played St. Peter and I'm in one called Sabotage with Arnold Schwarzenegger and some other fine actors," said Grubbs.

Though according to Grubbs, his claim of fame is not what movie he's played a part in, but who he's worked with.

"My first part I was standing between Dick Clark and Mike Love of The Beach Boys," said Grubbs. "My second part, I arrested Henry Fonda in what's called Gideon's Trumpet, and then I worked with Elizabeth Taylor and then Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, Kurt Russell and Cher and Tommy Lee Jones, Dustin Hoffman. I really had the chance to work with some really famous actors and a lot of people don't get that opportunity so that's been a nice part of my career."

With such an impressive acting resume, most wouldn't know that Grubbs started off as a writer.

"I still write, I write constantly, I have some scripts out, I have a script with Bryan Cranston who is the Breaking Bad guy," said Grubbs. "I've sold a number of scripts."

According to Grubbs, at the age of 64, he is too old for the acting business.

"It's a young persons business," said Grubbs. "They're not interested in sixty-year-old actors, so I lose a lot. I lose a lot of parts because I'm too tall and now I lose parts because I'm too old, got nothing to do with my acting."

As for retiring anytime soon? Grubbs said there are still plenty of parts he can play.

"I mean there's parts for eighty-year-olds, right? So you can keep doing it as long as you're you know, your thinking is okay and your memory is okay and your you know, your energy is okay, and you're healthy, you can keep doing it," said Grubbs.

Although he does stay in Los Angeles from time to time, unlike many successful actors, Grubbs chooses to live in Mississippi.

"I come back to Hattiesburg because I love this town, we chose to come back here for my children to go to college and this is where we wanted to retire, so we just came a little early, but we're here, I mean this is home that's why I'm here," said Grubbs.

Overall, Grubbs is grateful for his career. He's played various roles with actors many will never get the opportunity to do so. For now he plans to go back to what he's been doing since day one, look for his next job.

"I'm very fortunate that I've had the success I've had, but I'm very passionate and very determined even today, every week, every day I'm looking for a job."