Christian Services feeds largest Thanksgiving crowd in 27 years

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Christian Services of Hattiesburg served over 2,300 plates at Tuesday's annual Thanksgiving dinner.

"We enjoy companionship and them just coming in and being a part of this," said Christian Services Director Bill Prout.

Over 200 volunteers from churches, scout troops and other organizations helped prepare today's meal as well as provide entertainment. One attendee, Betty, has been coming to the event since her children were young.

"I'm all alone by myself," said Betty. "It uplifts my spirits today."

Many of the guests had nothing but thankful hearts for the meal and fellowship provided by Christian Services.

"I thank the Lord for letting us all be able to get up this morning and letting us all get together as one big happy family," said Arthur.

"I'm having a blessed day," said Lisa. "That's all that counts."

One volunteer, Joyce Humbles, started making the dressing and gravy at 6 am even though she is in between chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

"Sometimes when you're going through your own battle, and you stop and help somebody else, it makes your battle not important anymore," said Humbles.

Prout said that the first year Christian Services put on the Thanksgiving meal, there were 45 people in line for food. Twenty-seven years later, this is the organization's largest turnout.

"It's great isn't it?" said Prout. "All these folks coming in and joining us for Thanksgiving dinner."

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